Camaldolese Hermitage Fruitcakes

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Camaldolese Hermitage Fruitcakes: For over fifty years now the hermit monks in Big Sur, California have been making these special cakes.They have been praised food critics and fruitcake lovers alike, and have won over many fruitcake skeptics . That's because they don't taste anything like the stereotypical store-bought fruitcake. Hermitage fruitcakes are made with cherries, pineapples, California raisins, walnuts, dates, Georgia pecans, butter, salt, milk and a variety of spices.

All cakes are dipped in a grape brandy and aged for 3 to six months. They are best
stored in cool dry environments  if left unopened. They will stay fresh if refrigerated for 12 months and may be frozen for 18 months if left in original unopened wrappers. Deliciously moist and one piece not enough. Packaged as shown.
Available in 1 lb loaf . Select from > Brandy Dipped Fruitcake or Date Nut Fruitcake.