Gregorian Chant Sampler Abbey of Fontgombault

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Gregorian Chant Sampler Abbey of Fontgombault also known as the Abbey of Saint Pierre de Solesmes, France,

A sampling of the best of Solesmes. The monks of Solesmes have selected a sampling of the "best" Gregorian chants, including Antiphons for Lauds of Martyrs at Eastertide, Kyrie IX and Gloria IX. 
This recording reflects the unmatched authenticity which characterizes the exquisitely gracious and moving performances of Gregorian chant by the Monks of Solesmes.

Price $30.00

23 Tracks

Track 1-Introit     Jubilate
Track 2-Antiphons from Lauds of the Martyrs at Eastertide
Track 3-Kyrie IX 
Track 4-Gloria IX
Track 5-Offertory     Recordare
Track 6-Responsory     Sancta
Track 7-Hymn     Sanctorum Meritis
Track 8-Communion     Pascha Nostrum
Track 9-Hymn     Salve Festa Dies
Track 10-Introit     Salus Autem
Track 11-Responsory     Subvenite
Track 12-Sequence     Laetabundus
Track 13-Gradual     Concupivit
Track 14-Communion     Semel Juravi
Track 15-Sequence     Ave Maria
Track 16-Communion     Laetabitur Justus
Track 17-Antiphon and Invitatory Psalm     Regem
Track 18-Gradual     Viderunt
Track 19-Offertory     Tui Sunt
Track 20-Alleluia     De Profundis
Track 21-Communion     Cantate
Track 22-Antiphon     Salve Regina
Track 23-Ringing of the Angelus