Monastery Incense Single Candles

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Monastery Incense Candles : Monastery Incense Scented Candles:
Enjoy the inspiration and blessing of Monastery Incense in a candle. Fragrances with this new collection of candles made with real incense. Great to bring with you on your travels. Hand poured natural soy wax with balsam pine wick. Each candle burns approximately 30 to 50 hours.Fill your home, meditation room with a wonderful light scent of incense by lighting these candles in a tin. Use only when you have quests, or during time of prayer or meditation.****Shipping within 7-10 business days from date of your order.***Buy Individually Select your favorite Incense Fragrance:  

$17.00 Each / These candles are ordered separately by scent.

Select from these Incense scents for these candles. Damascus Rose, Queen of Heaven, Sweet  Myrrh, Russian Gardenia, Archangel Michael, Mary's Bouquet. **NOTE: There will be times we will substitute these scents with other scents depending on availability. You always receive the most asked for scents as these candles are very popular. Thank you.