Christmas Night Office Solemes Abbey

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Christmas Night Office Solemes Abbey:

The Monastic Choir of monks from the Abbey of Saint Pierre de Solemes, France
in the Traditional Lite Rite Chant of the Christmas Eve Liturgy the beautiful and haunting
sound of the Gregorian Chant that fills the heart and soul of the majestic chant.

If you are a collector of the Gregorian Chant this is a must for your library collection.
Although the monks use the Novus Ordo Mass as its current form of celebration, the Gregorian Chant is still sung throughout. 

$20.00 CD

14 Tracks Listed:

Track 1-Nicholas Lebegue  Laissez paistre vos bestes (organ)
     Track 2-Versicle     Domine, Labia Mea
                   Invitatory     Christus and Psalm 94
     Track 3-Hymn     Candor Aeternae
     Track 4-Antiphon     Dominus Dixit and Psalm 2
     Track 5-Antiphon     Tamquam Sponsus and Psalm 18a
     Track 6-Antiphon     Diffusa Est and Psalm 44
                   Versicle     Verbum Caro Factum Est
     Track 7-Reading from Isaiah 11:1-10
     Track 8-Responsory     Hodie Nobis Caelorum Rex
     Track 9-Reading from St. Leo the Great
     Track 10-Responsory     Hodie Nobis De Caelo
     Track 11-Gospel of the Genealogy: Matthew 1:1-16
     Track 12-Hymn      Te Deum
     Track 13-Collect and Benedicamus Domino
     Track 14-J.S. Bach     Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland