Cloister Honey

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Monaster Honey:

Flavor infused Honey to put a new spin in your honey. All natural flavors of  Traditional Honey and also available in Wildflower. To answer the age-old question,  This honey is light, aromatic, and effortlessly smooth.  One try of our honey from our Monastery  Bees, we know you will order more. 12oz glass bottles as shown.

Flavors: Traditional, Wildflower, Brandy Infused, Bourbon Infused

Ideas for Use:

  • Brighten your morning smoothie with a splash
  • Drizzle over blue cheese and figs or pears for an easy appetizer
  • Add to plain yogurt for a sweet afternoon snack
  • Whip up an easy glaze for store-bought muffins and croissants: blend well 1/2 cup sifted powdered sugar, 1 tsp vanilla infused honey and 3 Tbsp warm milk
  • Add to your tea for a special surprise kick.