Monastery Coffee Blends

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Monastery Coffee Blends : Monastery Coffee Blends: Imported select coffee beans from South America and Hawaii blended together and roasted at the right temperatures bring you a coffee rich in flavor and delights the taste buds.
No finer coffee can be found in any of your local coffee brew shops. Drink the coffee the monks drink , tasty , smooth and brew anytime of the day! Packed in an Old Fashion brown coffee bag, poly lined to maintain freshness and recyclable. Tin tie across top of bag to reseal freshness.Select your favorite Flavor below. Try Some today !

Coffee Flavor Selections Are: *Breakfast Blend, *Dark Roast, *Donut Shop Coffee Blend, *Hazel Nut, *Monastery Blend, and *Special Decaf Blend, Breakfast Blend

$9.95 (12oz Bag)

Coffee Blends Description:

Monastery Blend: is a mixing of both the Dark Roast and Morning Blend to give you a refreshing taste of Colombian & Chilean beans roasted to the right temperatures. Ground perfectly together to be brewed in your favorite coffee maker anytime of the day .

Breakfast Blend: is a lighter tasting coffee for a brew of Arabica and Colombian coffee beans roasted with tender care to bring you a tasteful morning eye opener.

Donut Shop Coffee Blend: is a special mixture of coffee beans that bring you a touch of your favorite donut shop or coffee shop brew.

Dark Roast: A robust flavor for those who like a more full bodied tasting coffee. Absolutely roasted to the right temperature to give you a more tasteful flavor for the times you need a pickup ! Enjoy with friends after dinner or even in the morning when you need a stronger beverage to lift your day.

Decaf Blend: Mixing pf South American coffee beans.