Monastery Organic Maple Syrup

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Our Monastery produces the finest Grade A Organic Maple Syrup. Our monks gather from our Maple Trees right here on our monastery grounds. We are proud of the quality of our syrup, a deep amber color very rich in taste. A simple product of nature given only at this springtime harvest of the Maple Tree's sap. A very distinct New England maple flavor to warm your mornings or anytime of day. For all your topping and recipes use this finest of nature given nectar. With the purity of mother earth as a gift to us. Enjoy this for breakfast pancakes, waffles, ice cream and for baking, for glazing ham or your favorite dish. Sold in a glass container of 8.05oz.

It takes ten gallons of sap to make just one quart of Maple Syrup. High quality Maple syrup is only gathered in early Spring when Mother nature is awakening from Winter. Exact temperatures are needed to gather the sap which only flows for about three weeks and then is gone by. Much work goes into the process of boiling and extracting the water from the sap and at the right temperature begins to thicken. Because of the labor intensive work and the limited time of gathering the sap, prices of Maple Syrup can be expensive.