Note Cards By Sr. Marie Claire of New Hefta

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Note Cards By Sr. Marie Claire of New Hefta : Sister Marie Claire of Genesseo, formally known as Minhhang K. Huynh was born in Saigon, Vietnam and came to America in 1985. Studued at SUNY College and her great works are as an artist. We show several of her note cards here with exquisite detail for each card. 5 cards to a package/with envelopes in this collection. all are the same print on each card.

".... Coming home to Geneseo, I was something of a lost soul. What could I do, for up to now I have done nothing with all that has been granted to me so generously? Finally, I put the last piece in the puzzle. I decided to paint a crucifix.... I hoped to use the knowledge and the experiences that I have been given to share these gifts that might help those who are in despair." The Crucifix she painted is in our series 1 Collection.